Medline - Meritz® Plus Disinfectant / Decontaminant

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Medline Industries - Meritz® Plus Disinfectant / Decontaminant

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Meritz Plus Disinfectant / Decontaminant, Spray


Meritz Plus Disinfectant / Decontaminant, Gallon

Use as a general disinfectant for equipment, beds, etc. or an immersion soaks for instruments prior to handling and further processing. With no phenol, Meritz Plus is safe for all areas of the hospital, including Labor & Delivery and nurseries.  This allows standardization of disinfectant products within your facility. No mixing, measuring or rinsing needed. Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal (including HIV-1) and tuberculocidal.

Downloadable Literature:
Medline Instrument Care and Handling (.pdf)
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)


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