Medline - Low-Suds Liquid Detergent

Medline Low-Suds Liquid Detergent



Medline Industries - Low Suds Liquid Detergent

Item No.



Low-Suds Liquid Detergent, 1-Gallon Bottle


Low-Suds Liquid Detergent, 5-Gallon Drum


Low-Suds Liquid Detergent, 15-Gallon Drum

Recommended for use in automatic washers and ultrasonic machines when instruments have been pre-cleaned. Hemolytic detergent removes blood and soil, then rinses spot-free, leaving no residue. Contains lubricating agents and rust inhibitors to help prolong instrument life. Biodegradable formula is highly concentrated for low cost per use. Neutral pH is gentle on hands and instruments.

Downloadable Literature:
Medline Instrument Care and Handling (.pdf)
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)


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