Johnson & Johnson - Enzol Enzymatic Detergent

Johnson & Johnson - ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent



Johnson & Johnson - Enzol Enzymatic Detergent - CIDEX Family Product

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ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent, 1-Gallon


ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent, 1-Quart


ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent, 15-Gallon

Fast-acting and gentle, ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent presoak-plus-cleanser allows instruments to be thoroughly cleaned before they are high level disinfected or sterilized. The proteolytic enzyme in ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent effectively penetrates and lifts off tough, dried-on, hard-to-reach organic matter. Specially formulated for endoscopes and general medical equipment, ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent can be easily used anywhere instruments are processed, including GI labs, operating rooms, central supply, OB/GYN offices, outpatient surgery centers, and physician offices.

Downloadable Literature:
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)


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